Carol E. Oseroff, Ph.D., ABPP

Since 2003, Dr. Oseroff has been a licensed psychologist and private practitioner in the state of Florida. Her clinical work focuses on assessing and treating children and adolescents with a variety of mental health, learning, and attentional challenges, and collaborating with parents to strengthen family relationships.


Dr. Oseroff worked closely with several private and public schools in the Tallahassee area, and she looks forward to cultivating these same professional partnerships in Brevard County.


A significant portion of Dr. Oseroff's work is dedicated to her role as a forensic evaluator and consultant in the family law and child protection arenas, and she is honored to be Brevard County's new Child Protection Team (CPT) psychologist!


In 2010, Dr. Oseroff earned board certification in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology through the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP), a reflection of her passion for and commitment to our youngest citizens.


For more than a decade, Dr. Oseroff's private practice in Tallahassee was a practicum site for doctoral psychology students from Florida State University. She trained more than 30 doctoral students to prepare for internship and develop their child and adolescent assessment and therapy skills.


Dr. Oseroff is a frequent lecturer and guest speaker on issues related to children and families, and she is thrilled to make Brevard County her new home.

Board Certified Specialist in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology


Curriculum Vitae

Andrew Oseroff, Ed.D. 

Office Manager

Prior to coming on board as Dr. Oseroff's office manager in 2003, Andy had a distinguished career as Director of Special Education Services, Brevard County Schools; a principal of a special needs school; and a professor in the College of Education at Florida State University.  For 33 years, Andy prepared master's and doctoral level students to teach and advocate for learning disabled and behaviorally challenged children.  A decade of his service included his postion as Associate Dean, College of Education, Office of Student Services at FSU.

He brings a wealth of clinical knowledge to his current position, and his excellent organizational and business skills were expertly honed during his undergraduate days at Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.  More importantly, Andy is a super nice guy and folks who call in will find him enormously helpful and generous with his time.

Nicole Conradt

Administrative Assistant

Nicole joins us with several years of office experience in private schools.  She is excited to serve the families and children of Oseroff Child and Family Psychology!

Therapeutic Fur Babies

Having a therapy animal in the office was always a part of Dr. Oseroff's long-term plan for her practice.  Children and animals just go together, but choosing the "right one" was the bigger challenge.  Dogs can intimidate small children and require a good deal of care.  Allergies to cats are common and felines can be testy.  After consulting with a veterinarian who know a good deal about animal-assisted therapy, serious consideration was given to finding a smaller animal.  Ultimately a rabbit was selected.

Riley, the Therapy Bunny

Mr. Riley, a beautiful silver-tipped blue-steel mini lop, joined our team in January of 2015.  His birthday is October 17 and he was born at the Georgia Peach Rabbitry in Marietta, Georgia.  Mr. Riley has a sweet, gentle disposition and he is so furry, he looks like a stuffed animal. The comment we hear most often is “he is so beautiful and calm, he doesn't seem real!"


The very first therapy animal who came to work with Dr. Oseroff was “Butterscotch.”  After nine years of providing delight and comfort to hundreds of children, Butterscotch crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  In 2016, an article about Butterscotch was published in “Voices,” the official journal of the American Academy of Psychotherapists.  More than two years later, she is still sorely missed.

Butterscotch Article